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Will BroadheadThe concentration requirements consist of four subjects, at least one of which is to be taken in the medieval period by students whose focus is to be the Ancient World, or one in the ancient period by those whose focus is the Middle Ages. Subjects listed below as ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL may count for either. At least two of the subjects taken towards the concentration must be taken at M.I.T....


Through a wide variety of subjects drawn from a number of disciplines, this program provides a curricular framework for exploring topics in ancient and medieval studies which range from the history of ideas and institutions to that of material artifacts, literature and certain of the original languages. The chronological span of the program...

Major Departure

A major departure is typically an interdisciplinary field and may offer students greater flexibility in putting together a program of study. Students who complete a major departure receive an S.B. in Humanities, Course 21. Students interested in a major departure should contact Prof. Eric Goldberg, Room E51-290, (617) 324-2420, or Prof. Stephanie Frampton, Room 14N-434, (617)253-4452,