The concentration requirements consist of four subjects, at least one of which is to be taken in the medieval period by students whose focus is to be the Ancient World, or one in the ancient period by those whose focus is the Middle Ages. Subjects listed below as Ancient and Medieval may count for either. At least two of the subjects taken towards the concentration must be taken at M.I.T. Only one language-learning subject may be counted towards the concentration. However, literature studied in the original language is not subject to this restriction. Students interested in the program should contact Prof. Eric Goldberg, Room E51-290, (617) 324-2420, or Prof. Stephanie Frampton, Room 14N-434, (617)253-4452,

There are two forms (Proposal and Certification of Completion) required to track your progress in pursuing a concentration in Ancient and Medieval Studies. Each must be signed by the concentration advisor and submitted by the student to the History Office (E51-255). The Proposal for a Concentration in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences requests a list of the Ancient and Medieval subjects the student has taken or intends to take. This form should be submitted by the end of the sophomore year. The Certification of Completed Concentration in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences confirms your completion of the requirements for the concentration. This form should be filled out as soon as the required course work has been completed, or by the end of the first week of classes of your final term, whichever comes first.

Ancient And Medieval
21L.001 Foundations of Western Culture: Homer to Dante, CI-H
21L.611 Latin I [6-unit course] ◦◦
21L.612 Latin II [6-unit course] ◦◦
◦◦ These two 6-unit classes may be combined by petition to form one 12-unit HASS-Elective.

3.982 Ancient Andean World
3.983 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization
3.993 Archaeology of the Middle East
21H.130 The Ancient World: Greece CI-H
21H.132 The Ancient World: Rome CI-H
21H.236 The Making of a Roman Emperor
21H.237 The City of Athens inthe Age of Pericles
21H.239 The City of Rome in the Age of the Caesars
21H.331 Julius Caesar and the Fall of the Roman Republic
21L.455 Classical Literature
21L.458 The Bible

4.614 Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures
21H.133 The Medieval World 200-1500
21H.160 Islam, the Middle East, and the West
21H.238 The Vikings
21H.134J Medieval Economic History in Comparative Perspective, CI-H [14.70J]
21L.460 Medieval Literature
21L.704 Studies in Poetry (When applicable)
21M.220 Medieval and Renaissance Music

Students that have taken the following subjects that are no longer offered can count these subjects toward their concentration:
24.200 Ancient Philosophy

Additional information can be obtained from: Prof. Eric Goldberg, Room E51-290, (617) 324-2420, or Prof. Stephanie Frampton, Room 14N-434, (617)253-4452,